Steve Dinning was born, long ago, at the Princess Mary Maternity Hospital in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. 

He grew up in County Durham, and Newcastle, in an unenlightened time when it was not considered cool to be a nerd, before going to Nottingham University to read Mathematics and play board games. ​Since then he has worked as an analyst and statistician for a number of financial companies and software houses in the South West of England.

​He married Meg in 1998. The couple's only son Jamie was born two years later, and was diagnosed with Down's Syndrome and Autistic Spectrum Disorder. The memoir Don't Let It Get You Down Syndrome is Steve's attempt to see the funny side of raising a profoundly disabled child. 

He has also written a range of rhyming children's books, and a range of books about modern board games. He is also the main writer for the old movie website

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