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 Writing as Steve Dee, S.K.Dinning has written a number of books about the modern board gaming hobby.  

Ticket to Carcassonne

Hobbies are not often considered cool. For many people, the image that immediately comes to mind when they hear the word “hobby”, is that of someone doing something tedious in a shed.

It is difficult to imagine James Bond having a hobby, isn’t it? Try to picture him at home; he has just recently defeated SPECTRE for the eighth time, and he has just sent home an unfeasibly attractive, and physically exhausted, female nuclear physicist, half his age. What does he do now? Basket weaving? I don’t think so.

But what if there was a hobby in which you were a cowboy, driving cattle from Texas to Kansas City. What about a hobby where you were part of a global response team, travelling around the world fighting outbreaks of deadly diseases? What if there was a hobby where you were trapped on an island that was rapidly sinking into the sea, and only your wits and a few friends stood between you and a watery grave?

What if this hobby was something that was exciting, but not dangerous. Educational, but fun. What if it was something that gave you an opportunity to make new friends, yet also gave you a perfect excuse to stay in touch with old ones?

That would be cool, wouldn't it?

Well, there is indeed such a hobby. Have you guessed what it is yet?

That’s right, it’s amateur dramatics!

Only kidding. It’s board gaming.

Find out all about it, in Steve Dee's Ticket To Carcassonne.

Meet the Author

I love talking about board games almost as much as I love playing them. The great thing about writing a book is that nobody interrupts you and says things like "That's lovely Steve but I really have to be going now, I've got that thing that needs to be done..."

~ Steve Dee

Tabletop Tales

 Steve is also the main editor of "Tabletop Tales", a great collection of short stories themed around modern tabletop games.    


Steve is also the author of an entertaining guide to the strategy game Hive